The Cure Favorites Piano Songbook

The Cure Favorites songbook features ten piano solo arrangements for intermediates and up by Jennifer Eklund. Includes favorites like, "Friday, I'm in Love," "Pictures of You," "Lovesong" and "Just Like Heaven."

The Cure Favorites Piano Songbook

🎸 About The Cure:

The Cure is a renowned English rock band formed in 1978 in Crawley, West Sussex. Led by frontman Robert Smith, the band has had a long and influential career in the alternative and gothic rock music scenes.

Throughout their career, The Cure has released numerous albums, starting with “Three Imaginary Boys” in 1979. They gained popularity in the early 1980s with albums like “Seventeen Seconds” and “Pornography,” known for their dark and atmospheric sound. The band’s lineup has changed over the years, but Robert Smith has remained the constant member.

In the mid-1980s, The Cure achieved mainstream success with albums like “The Head on the Door” and “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.” Their music became more diverse, incorporating elements of pop and new wave. The band continued to evolve their sound in the 1990s, producing albums like “Wish” and “Wild Mood Swings.”

One of their most iconic albums, “Disintegration,” released in 1989, is often regarded as a masterpiece in the alternative rock genre. Its moody, introspective tracks solidified The Cure’s status as pioneers of gothic rock.

Over the years, The Cure has maintained a loyal fan base and has been recognized for their innovation and longevity in the music industry. Their influence can be seen in the work of many contemporary alternative and indie rock bands. The band’s contribution to the music world has been celebrated with numerous awards and accolades, making them one of the enduring and respected acts in the history of rock music.

🎶 The Cure Favorites Songbook

The following ten songs are included in the The Cure Favorites songbook.

These are all available as separate singles, but you get the most value by purchasing the whole collection. All of these arrangements are appropriate for intermediates and up.

  1. Friday I’m In Love
  2. Pictures of You
  3. A Forest
  4. Boys Don’t Cry
  5. Lovesong
  6. In Between Days
  7. Let’s Go To Bed
  8. Just Like Heaven
  9. Mint Car
  10. The Lovecats

🎹 Watch a performance of the entire volume:

Let’s dive deeper with some more details about a few of my personal favorites from The Cure Favorites songbook.

1. “Lovesong” (1989) from the album Disintegration

“Lovesong” was released as the third single from The Cure’s eighth studio album, “Disintegration,” in 1989. The song achieved significant success in the United States, reaching the number-two position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the United Kingdom, it charted at number 18 and peaked within the top 20 in Canada and Ireland. The song’s lyrics express simple and heartfelt emotions, emphasizing love and devotion.

Musically, “Lovesong” is performed in A minor and features a distinctive bass riff. The verses follow an Am/G/F/Em chord progression, which changes to F/G/Am/C in the choruses. The song’s simplicity and unusually upbeat nature compared to other tracks on the album were noted by the band’s frontman, Robert Smith.

The title of the song has variations, with official releases using both “Lovesong” and “Love Song.” The song was originally written by Robert Smith as a wedding present for his long-time girlfriend and then fiancée, Mary. The band released an extended mix version of the song on their remix album “Mixed Up” in 1990. A demo version of the song was also featured on the 2010 re-release of “Disintegration.” The accompanying music video shows the band performing inside a cave. “Lovesong” has been covered by various artists, and notable versions include those by American rock band 311 and Adele.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

2. “In Between Days” (1985) from the album The Head on the Door

“In Between Days” was released in 1985 as the first single from their sixth album, “The Head on the Door.” The song marked the band’s ninth chart single in the UK and their first to reach the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, peaking at number 99. It achieved Top 20 status in Australia and New Zealand and charted in several European countries, contributing to the band’s international popularity.

The music video for “In Between Days” was filmed at Fulham Studios, London, in 1985 and was created by Tim Pope. The video features the band playing, with creative shots, including 360-degree angles and colorful drawn-in socks. Robert Smith, the band’s lead vocalist, had a camera he could manipulate, adding to the video’s unique visual effects. Tim Pope described Robert Smith as an “English eccentric,” capturing his eccentricity in the video. Smith himself appreciated the video for its authenticity, as it portrayed the band without glamorization, reflecting their desire to avoid the clichés of typical music videos.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

3. “Mint Car” (1996) from the album Wild Mood Swings

It’s jangle pop at its finest!

“Mint Car” was released as the second single from their tenth studio album, “Wild Mood Swings,” in June 1996. Despite being praised by the band’s lead vocalist, Robert Smith, who considered it superior to their hit “Friday I’m in Love,” the song did not gain significant traction at the time of its release. It reached the top 20 in Finland and Iceland and peaked at number 31 on the UK Singles Chart. The single also reached number 14 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the United States.

The release of “Mint Car” included two remixes of the song and three additional tracks not found on the album. The remixes, titled the “Busker’s Mix” and the “Electric Mix,” offered different takes on the original version. Despite the song’s quality, its impact was limited due to the band’s circumstances and the prevailing musical climate during that period, teaching Robert Smith about the unpredictable nature of music industry success.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

4. “Pictures of You” (1990) from the album Disintegration

“Pictures of You” was released on 19 March 1990 as the fourth and final single from their eighth studio album, “Disintegration” (1989). The single version of the song, a shorter edit of the album version, reached No. 24 on the UK Singles Charts. In 2011, the song was voted number 283 on Rolling Stone’s “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.

The song has several remixes, including two different versions on UK 12-inch singles, one of which appeared on the album “Mixed Up” as the Extended Dub Mix, incorporating unique drum and bass arrangements. Another extended remix of the original album version, running at 7:59, was released on singles worldwide, with a shorter 6:40 version released in the US.

The inspiration for “Pictures of You” came from a fire that broke out in Robert Smith’s home. While sifting through the remains, he found his wallet containing pictures of his wife, Mary, which served as the song’s muse. The cover of the single features one of these pictures, unaltered unlike the distorted version used for the “Charlotte Sometimes” single cover.

The music video, directed by Tim Pope, was shot in Ballachulish, Scotland, using three Super-8 cameras during the February 1990 “week of the big snow.” Robert Smith mentioned that it was an extremely cold experience, emphasizing the harsh conditions during the shoot.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

5. “Friday I’m In Love” (1992) from the album Wish

“Friday I’m in Love” was released in May 1992 as the second single from their ninth studio album, “Wish.” The song became a global hit, reaching number six in the UK and number 18 in the United States, where it also topped the Modern Rock Tracks chart. The song’s upbeat and happy tone was a departure from the band’s usual gothic sound.

Written by Robert Smith, the song was described as a “naïve, happy type of pop song.” During its production, Smith initially feared he had inadvertently copied the chord progression from another song, leading to a period of paranoia. The song was recorded in D major, but due to a recording error, the released version sounds a quarter-tone higher.

The music video, directed by Tim Pope, features the band performing in various settings on a soundstage, paying homage to silent filmmaker Georges Méliès. The video incorporates chaotic scenes with props and costumes, and Pope himself makes a cameo appearance. The video’s quirky and playful nature adds to the song’s cheerful vibe. “Friday I’m in Love” remains one of The Cure’s most well-known and beloved tracks.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

6. “The Lovecats” (1983) from the compilation album Japanese Whispers

“The Love Cats” was released as a stand-alone single in October of 1983. It marked the band’s first Top 10 hit in the UK, reaching number 7, and also peaked at number 6 on the Australian chart in early 1984. The single was later included in the compilation album “Japanese Whispers,” released in December 1983.

The song’s inspiration is thought to be linked to Australian author Patrick White’s novel “The Vivisector,” where the treatment of stray cats symbolizes the vulnerability of innocent members of society. The recording session took place in Paris at Studio Des Dames after the band’s concert in Brittany in August 1983, producing other tracks like “Speak My Language” and “Mr. Pink Eyes,” which ended up on the b-side of the 12-inch vinyl.

The quirky music video features various cats and a large falling lampshade on bassist Phil Thornalley’s head. It also showcases shots of a mansion, with the band jokingly telling a vendor they were interested in buying it. Real cats were initially intended for the video but proved troublesome, so taxidermied ones were used instead. Robert Smith, the band’s lead vocalist, described the song and its video as a lighthearted endeavor, created under the influence, making it a playful and unconventional addition to The Cure’s discography.

🔎 Sheet music sneak peek:

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Jennifer Eklund
Written by Jennifer Eklund
Jennifer Eklund holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in music from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto® method books series as well as a wide variety of supplemental songbooks. She is also a Signature Artist with with a large catalog of popular music titles for musicians of all levels.


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