Keane Favorites Songbook

The Keane Favorites songbook features twelve selections including "Somewhere Only We Know," "Is It Any Wonder?," "Everybody's Changing," and "Put It Behind You." These piano solo arrangements by Jennifer Eklund are appropriate for intermediates and up.

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🇬🇧 About Keane

Keane is a British band that gained prominence in the early 2000s with their distinctive blend of alternative rock and piano-driven pop music. Formed in 1995 in Battle, East Sussex, the band consists of Tom Chaplin (vocals), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano/keyboards), Richard Hughes (drums), and, until 2019, Jesse Quin (bass guitar).

The band’s breakthrough came with their debut album “Hopes and Fears” in 2004, which featured hits like “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing.” The album’s emotive lyrics and Chaplin’s soaring vocals resonated with a wide audience, propelling Keane to international stardom.

Following their debut success, Keane released subsequent albums like “Under the Iron Sea” (2006) and “Perfect Symmetry” (2008), which showcased their evolution by incorporating more experimental elements into their sound while maintaining their signature piano-driven melodies. These albums featured tracks like “Is It Any Wonder?” and “Spiralling.”

The band’s music often touched on themes of introspection, emotional struggles, and relationships, with Chaplin’s heartfelt vocals and Rice-Oxley’s introspective songwriting playing a central role in their appeal.

After a hiatus and some solo projects, Keane returned with “Strangeland” in 2012, a more polished and anthemic album that continued to resonate with fans. However, their popularity began to wane somewhat as the music landscape shifted.

Over the years, Keane has faced both critical acclaim and criticism for their evolving sound, with some fans and reviewers enjoying their musical progression while others preferred their earlier style. Their live performances have been praised for their energy and emotional intensity, often showcasing the band’s ability to connect with audiences.

🎶 Keane Favorites Songbook

The following songs are included in the Keane Favorites songbook. These are all available as separate singles, but you get the most value by purchasing the whole collection. All of these arrangements are appropriate for intermediates and up.

  1. Somewhere Only We Know
  2. Is It Any Wonder?
  3. Bedshaped
  4. Everybody’s Changing
  5. Bend and Break
  6. Nothing In My Way
  7. Put It Behind You
  8. She Has No Time
  9. This is the Last Time
  10. Try Again
  11. We Might As Well Be Strangers
  12. Your Eyes Open

🎹 Watch a performance of the entire songbook:

Let’s dive deeper with some more details about a few of my personal favorites from the Keane Favorites songbook:

“Is It Any Wonder?” (2006)

Grab your dramamine!

“Is It Any Wonder?” is featured as the second single from Keane’s second studio album, “Under the Iron Sea.” It was released on 16 May 2006 on the iTunes Store and on 29 May 2006 in physical shops. The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 15 based on download sales and reached number three after adding physical sales on 4 June. The track was nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group at the 2007 Grammy Awards, though it lost to “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Written by Tim Rice-Oxley in 2005, the song’s guitar effects stem from a distorted Yamaha CP70 piano. It was mainly recorded at The Magic Shop studios in New York City and engineered by Andy Green. The song touches on the confusion and dismay surrounding political decisions, particularly related to the Iraq War.

The music video, directed by Kevin Godley, follows a camera moving along a metal track, resembling a roller coaster, with shots of the band interspersed. The song’s live performances differ from the studio version in terms of instrumentation, including changes in synthesizer use and drumming.

“Is It Any Wonder?” captures Keane’s introspective approach to music and the band’s willingness to address socio-political themes in their lyrics. The track’s distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics contributed to its popularity and impact.

“She Has No Time” (2004)

A gorgeous live performance of a deeper cut that is a personal favorite of mine.

“She Has No Time” is a song by the British band Keane, featured on their debut album “Hopes and Fears,” released in 2004. The song showcases Keane’s signature style of piano-driven pop-rock combined with emotive lyrics.

The song is characterized by its melancholic and reflective tone. “She Has No Time” is essentially a narrative ballad that tells the story of a woman whose life is consumed by her responsibilities and commitments, leaving her with little time for herself or her dreams. The song touches on themes of lost opportunities, unfulfilled desires, and the weight of daily life.

Tom Chaplin’s vocals are particularly poignant in this track, conveying a sense of empathy and understanding for the woman’s situation. The piano melody, played by Tim Rice-Oxley, is the primary musical element, creating a somber and introspective atmosphere that complements the song’s lyrical content.

“She Has No Time” showcases Keane’s ability to craft emotionally resonant songs that connect with listeners on a personal level. While not as commercially successful as some of their other hits, the song is appreciated by fans for its depth and storytelling. It’s a testament to Keane’s talent for combining meaningful lyrics with their distinct piano-driven sound.

“Everybody’s Changing” (2003)

“Everybody’s Changing” served as the second single from Keane’s debut studio album, “Hopes and Fears” in 2004. Originally released on Fierce Panda in May 2003, it was later re-released on Island Records on 3 May 2004 after the success of “Somewhere Only We Know.” The song reached number four on the UK Singles Chart.

The track is characterized by its piano-driven rock sound, reflecting the band’s distinctive style. It was composed by Tim Rice-Oxley in 2001, following the departure of guitarist Dominic Scott. Recording took place at Helioscentric Studios in Rye, East Sussex. The song features a synthesizer in the background, contributing to its musical arrangement.

Lyrically, “Everybody’s Changing” addresses the feeling of being left behind or out of sync with the world. The song explores the notion of watching others move forward in their lives while one’s own situation remains stagnant. This sentiment was especially relevant to the band’s own struggles as they attempted to establish themselves in the music industry.

The song’s significance was recognized by The Sun, which ranked it at No. 79 on its list of the top 100 greatest songs of all time in August 2006.

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👋 Did I miss one of your Keane favorites? I’m always open to requests so drop me a comment!

Jennifer Eklund
Written by Jennifer Eklund
Jennifer Eklund holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in music from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto® method books series as well as a wide variety of supplemental songbooks. She is also a Signature Artist with with a large catalog of popular music titles for musicians of all levels.


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